David Hale

David Hale SOA PhotoDeputy Chief David Hale was a fictional character on the FX television series Sons of Anarchy, played by Taylor Sheridan.

He was the Deputy Chief of Police in the small Northern Californian town of Charming. The Chief, Wayne Unser, nicknamed him “Captain America” for his black and white views and squeaky-clean adherence to the law, and possibly because of his square jawed all-American looks.

Hale is a native of Charming, California, and his father, Jacob, was a county judge and a very powerful and wealthy man. He also has an older brother, Jacob, Jr. As a boy, he delivered newspapers to the town's infamous Teller household. He was childhood friends with Jax Teller, Tara Knowles, and Opie Winston until after they graduated from high school. After high school, Hale enlisted in the United States Army. After his honorable discharge, He went on to become a police officer at the local police department and is now Deputy Chief, next in line for the Chief job once Wayne Unser retires. Unlike Unser, Hale wishes to purge the town of SAMCRO (the local biker gang, run by the Tellers) upon becoming Chief of Police. Like him, his father and brother also want to see SAMCRO leave Charming, but, unlike him, their desire is motivated by their wish to profit financially from the gang's absence, something which appears to irritate David. Because of Hale's attitude, SAMCRO leader Clay Morrow convinced Unser to continue on as police Chief in order to ensure Hale doesn't assume the position and become a threat to SAMCRO and their allies. He serves as an antagonist to SAMCRO during the first season. But became less hostile during Season Two.



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