Gemma Teller Morrow – Meme Set 2

Choose a Gemma Teller Photo from the bottom of the page by clicking on it.  Then have fun with the caption!


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INSTRUCTIONS: Select a photo from the image gallery at the bottom of the meme generator.
After you click on the photo you would like to caption, the image in the meme generator will update with your selection.The next step is to give you meme a name. Name it something creative, anything you like!
Next you can type in the caption you would like on the 1st line which shows on the top part of the image. If you do not want any text there, just type a couple blank spaces. You can also put spaces before or after your text to adjust the text left or right on the image.  The same will apply for the 2nd line of your caption meme.  Adjust the font and the font size to look best with the photo you selected to caption.instructions3

When your meme looks perfect on the screen, click on the CREATE MEME button and enjoy!



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